Is a novel relevant to today’s climate of racial hate, assumed guilt and violence by police against black men.

A Jewish boy, Donny Cohen, tries to save his black carpenter hero who is falsely jailed for arson and murder for burning down the local temple.  But the crime was actually perpetrated by a Klanner, witnessed by Donny.

JEWBOY OF THE SOUTH is a dark yet redemptive story of the boy’s harrowing and often hilarious coming-of-age. He blackmails his girlfriend’s father after secretly photographing him having sex with the Orthodox rabbi.  He is seduced by the rabbi’s wife and enlists the help of the city’s leading black prostitute, as well as her married lover, Danville’s leading black minister. 

A vivid, intimate, even sometimes humorous evocation of the South at a pivotal time in history.
— Molly Mohseni, descendant of Jefferson Davis



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A poignant and passionate story that needs to be told.
—                   Chuck Davis, Documentary filmmaker