I couldn’t put “Jewboy of the South” down! I read it in one day, a page-turner, emotional roller coaster full of humor and wisdom. After finishing it, I have ordered several more copies to give to friends, including non-Jewish ones, who I think will love it too!
— Steve, Phoenix, AZ

A novel about love, religion, and life.

A SOUTHERN STORY is never a straight line to the end point. Ask a southerner about an event or how to get to a place and you’ll hear about everyone and everything and everywhere along the way. It lurches forward, then backtracks, goes off center, fascinates, infuriates and, eventually, rediscovers its luscious, rich, often humorous and just as often, perverse, path. Like the South itself, it’s a soup pot of characters—redneck, slave roots, sex, blood, love, hate, war, religion, intrigue and wink of the eye—all chopped, diced and thrown into its cauldron. Often as not, it boils into a mess. But somehow, sometimes, if you enjoy a mélange of tastes, it blends into a delicious, or at least colorful, potage. So settle in, relax and enjoy this saga about a small-town southern Jewish boy and the characters who helped him grow up, learn about sex versus love, black and white, true religion, soul music and jazz, all while attempting to free an innocent black man, his carpenter hero


JEWBOY OF THE SOUTH is a novel relevant to today’s climate of racial hate, assumed guilt and violence by police against black men.

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Take a peek inside the mind of Don Koplen

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There’s turnin points ‘round which yer life purpose gets spun an whittled, like this hunk of tree on the lathe. It’s never fer sure whether you’ll carve a piece of junk or something beautiful.
— Thomas Eldridge, Carpenter Hero