If Gone With the Wind had a sequel, written more concisely and hundred years later, this book is it.

It rocks you, shocks you, entertains you, and depicts “what really happens” in the South in a raw real way not captured by those who haven’t lived there nor had the skills or audacity to describe it the way this author does. There are times where you question if he takes things too far, until you reflect on the brilliance behind giving you a strong dose of reality that doesn’t bow to political correctness.

He brings alive a teenager’s clear perspective peering through the pervasive insanity that canvassed the time and place, the complicated hypocrisies that riddled and enslaved the masses, and let’s it be known so much lives on.

Two thumbs up for this first time author hitting it deep in the ballpark!
— Michael K
Jewboy of the South is a captivating, entertaining, and at times humorous novel about a teenager who grew up in the deep South and experienced first hand the bigotry and hatred that was prominent in the 1960s. It is written in the first person by Don Koplen and includes exceptional character development (what I liked most about the book) as well as language and idioms that could only have been written by someone who was there. Every character is a piece of work. There was a chief of police called “Junior” who made Mike Nifong (Durham, NC/Duke lacrosse case) look like a choir boy. There is lots of sex and explicit language to keep the pages turning.

It’s a story that has been told before (social injustice and bigotry in the South) but presented in an unusual way. I highly recommend it for anyone familiar with or interested in life in South during this period.
— Doug M, Denver, CO
I just finished reading Jewboy of the South. Outstanding! Should be on the New York Times bestseller list! Should be required reading for all high school students! A great glimpse into the southern culture, especially for those of us who grew up in the north. Great character development made the book absolutely captivating. I’ll talk it up to my friends back in Florida.
— Myron L, Florida
In his “Jewboy of the South, “Don Koplen transports you back into the 1960’s civil  rights era of rural Virginia as he  weaves a spell-binding mystery with a  provocative torah (teaching) of Jewish and Christian spiritual gems, insights into the mind and morality of the South and sprinkled with reflections on Martin L King, Jr set to the pulsating rthyms of early rock n’ roll, blues and the jazz of Davis and Coltrane with the twang of Hank Williams added to the mix. You cant put it down once you start— you find yourself snared in a steamy web artfully weaved by Koplen in his first novel.
— Ed K, Denver, CO
A vivid, intimate, even sometimes humorous evocation of the South at a pivotal time in history.
— Molly Mohseni, descendant of Jefferson Davis
Still laughing at the sexual dalliances mixed with religious satire. And then holding my breath with page after page suspense as only in the South (I was born and raised there too) characters struggle to help a real hero.  Wow. Next book?
— Sue G,  North Carolina
“... just finishing your book. Congrats!! Mazel Tov. Fantastic read. Brilliant. A real page turner. Couldn’t put it down. FIrst book I read since last fall when my son suddenly passed away. Haven’t had the patience to read. Thanks for bringing me back to the literary world!!! Very impressive.!
— Stuart S, South Carolina
I couldn’t put “Jewboy of the South” down! I read it in one day, a page-turner, emotional roller coaster full of humor and wisdom. After finishing it, I have ordered several more copies to give to friends, including non-Jewish ones, who I think will love it too!
— Steve, Phoenix AZ
It’s raw and real and addictively engaging...
— Michael, Santa Cruz, CA



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Stunningly original!
— Karen Levinbook, author
It is fiction with a broad smattering of everything around us then, true and imagined. Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint meets Terry Southern’s Candy. Friends, BUY the book. Recommend highly.
— Ben, Danville, Va
This is a fiction story that relates to the life of a young Jewish person growing up in the old segregated deep South. While fiction, much truth is told. Read it u will enjoy
— Irving A
The story rolls along with lots of 1960’s southern atmosphere and a half dozen subplots. A few reviewers here appear to be bothered by the vulgarity or explicit sex scenes. If that is a problem, look elsewhere. If you enjoy bawdy storytelling, jump in...
— Amazon Purchaser
I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It was irreverent, humorous, serious and fun to read. I’d highly recommend it.
— Bruce D, Boulder, CO
One surprise after another.
This book has a little of everything:
Sex, religion (and the hypocrisy which is revealed ) red-necked Klansman, prejudice, love , mystery and much more.
I would highly recommend it.
— Steve B
A must read! The writer paints scenes with his writing that place the reader in the heart of impossible, tragic, and at times hilarious moments. This book is a visceral experience. You can feel the muggy Southern humidity, hear the accents, and experience the love and pain from cover to cover. Further, the plot teases the reader’s mind in a thrilling and poignantly complex journey through the politics of race, religion, and justice in 1960’s Virginia. Highly recommend!!
— Chris B, Los Angeles
Vibrant metaphors, and awesome character development left me chuckling out loud!
— Francine W
It took a few chapters *(One of the things I liked about the book was the short chapters

I started reading “Jewboy” not knowing what to expect. It took a few chapters *(One of the things I liked about the book was the short chapters.) then I was hooked. I enjoyed the character development and particularly the twist and turns the story took. The story went places that were totally unexpected and also interesting. I am not normally a fast reader but I read this book in just a few days. I recommend this book to those who want to get a sense of Southern life, to experience the difficulty many folks endured living in the South and who want a fast moving somewhat erotic story.
It’s a worthwhile read, enjoy!
— Jon G, Colorado
Jewboy of the South is a heartfelt story that shows the deep appreciation and empathy the author has for African Americans and Jews in the 60’s South. There is explicit sex, deepest of love and hate, and portrayals of the best and worst behavior imaginable.

You have to love May - a beautiful, sweet black woman who becomes the most exclusive prostitute in the town of Danville, Va. You have to also love Donny, the hero of the story, who through a convoluted series of events, attempts to save the life a good man. Every character demands that you either love or hate them, and you just want to find out who wins out in the end.

Jewboy of the South is eminently readable and one immediately becomes engrossed in the story. I highly recommend this great read.
— Joanne H, New York
t first, I wearied of the raunchy sex scenes, believing they interrupted the flow of the story of the young man’s wanting justice for his black friend. But I resisted my impulse to toss the book aside and am glad I did. There are some great lyrical passages, like the description of Don learning woodworking from Mr. E. Koplen’s descriptions of anti-semitism and bias against blacks struck a chord. He has some fine lines and humor that found me marking a few passages. I too hastily wrote a somewhat critical review that I have now revised having finished the book. It’s worth a read.
— Laura W.